Welcome to our Web site. This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about J&J Multiservices LLC, founded in 2000.We Specialize in Custom Home Theaters, we can also take care of all your low voltage wiring needs (Home Automation, Structured Wiring/Computer Networking, Security Systems & Monitoring, Card Access, Video Conferencing, CCTV Systems, Lighting Control, Central Vacuums, Intercom Systems, and More)

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Electronics used to be simpler. You just bought stuff and took it home. Today, new technologies offer you much greater benefits but with increased complexity and the need for integration. Traditional electronics retailers and e-tailers can sell you a stack of black boxes, but without the knowledge, experience, and expertise that a company like J&J Multiservices provides, it’s of little value. Rather than acting like a retailer, J&J Multiservices acts as your digital designer, your electronic architect. As your electronic technologies evolved so has the way they become part of your lifestyle. That’s why our process looks a lot more like the process used by your architect, interior designer or custom builder.J&J Grand Opening
J&J Multiservices opened in September 2001 in Brandon, Florida. Our mission is to help regular people enjoy the benefits of the latest home electronics technologies without the hassle. During the last 15 years J&J Multiservices has helped homeowners and business owners take advantage of new technologys—for entertainment, convenience, security and communication.

Our Skills in Installations of:

Home Theater & Surround Sound Systems
Security Systems, CCTV & Access Control
Home Automation
Commercial Security, CCTV & Access Control
Board / Media Rooms with Video Conferacing
Computer Networking
Telephone Systems
Structured Pre-Wiring for New Homes
Radio / Video Intercom Systems
Central Vacuum Systems


Our business was founded by Ken Lewis an industry professional with a decade of experience in home theater, communications, and retailing. We’ve taken that experience and created a one-stop shop for all of your electronics. (Security Systems, CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems, Structured Wiring, Lighting Control, Home Automation and most of all Home Theaters)
We’re in the ‘do it for you’ business: custom designed and installed home & business systems. what delights our customers is having it all done for them—by professionals they trust. It’s why the most prestigious builders and most demanding Home & Business Owners in the Tampa Bay area recommend J&J Multiservices. J&J Multiservices carries the best brand names around. But unlike the big chain stores that overwhelm you with a hundred different models and leave you to figure out what’s best, we ‘preselect’ the best performance and value in every price range and category. From our most expensive Home Theater, to our smallest speaker, you’ll understand exactly what you get for your money. J&J Multiservices is more personal. It’s staffed with knowledgeable salespeople who act as your consultant. They’ll offer information, advice, and education. So when you decide to buy, you’ll know what’s right for you and why.

J&J Multiservices is dedicated to customer service. Frankly, the service at the chain stores may be state of the art, but it’s not enough for our customers. At J&J, we offer a range of value-added services, from TV calibration to custom programming of your remote control. When we install a system in your home or business, we’ll train you and your family members on how everything works. And if you forget, we’ll come back again. Every system we sell includes a Free four-month in home guarantee.

J&J Multiservices has the right price. Our everyday prices are the same as the everyday prices at the big stores. Just because we know more, offer more, and do more – you won’t have to pay more.

If you’re looking for an eye popping ‘WOW’ experience, J&J Multiservices is the place. Come see for yourself.